Luxury Tours

Opulence, decadence, and a holiday filled with all the extravagance you can imagine await you on our Silk Road Luxury Tours.

Luxury Travel to Central Asia

Duration 14 Days, From $768 per day p/p Luxury Travel to Central Asia

Travel to Central Asia, where the doors to history, civilization, and the warmest welcome in the world are our pleasure to open for you. This is our homeland, and every...

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Luxury travel to Georgia

Duration 5 Days, From $767 per day p/p Luxury travel to Georgia

Georgia is a country balanced between its historic past and burgeoning future. The monarchs here adopted Christianity early on as the state religion and ancient churches and monasteries perch atop...

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Luxury travel to Mongolia

Duration 6 Days, From $5,420 p/p Luxury travel to Mongolia

Mongolia is a land of vast horizons of steppe and desert bordered by remote, pristine mountain ranges. Famous for its untamed landscapes, Mongolia is a dream for the outdoor adventurer...

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Luxury Travel To Uzbekistan

Duration 10 Days, From $530 per day per person p/p Luxury Travel To Uzbekistan

Experience thousands years of history; from the earliest settlements through the great empires of Alexander the Great and Tamerlane, the remnants of Soviet influence and the transformation of independent Uzbekistan...

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Luxury Culinary Tour to Uzbekistan

Duration 10 Days, From $5,320 p/p Luxury Culinary Tour to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan will inspire and amaze you, from its traditional spice bazaars to its beautiful landscapes and ancient cities. At the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, the cuisine of Uzbekistan...

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The Silk Road Luxury Tours are among the top performers in the travel market, due in part to the skilled international staff brought together by founder and "Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for Central Asia" Zulya Rajabova. Zulya has assembled a world-wide network of associates, guides and travel industry connections who all make the impossible possible. With a long list of available options to choose from, anything from butler service to a private plane may be included in your travels.

Our Luxury Tours options include:

  • VIP treatment throughout your trip
  • Superior accommodations and room amenities
  • Welcome champagne and floral arrangements
  • Cocktail receptions with breath-taking views
  • Invigorating spa days
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Personalized transportation and drivers
  • Private, local, multilingual guides
  • Butler service
  • An array of fine dining options including private dining rooms and chef's table
  • Cooking classes with master chefs
  • Wine tastings
  • Private cultural shows
  • Behind the scenes art and museum visits with curator and historian meet-and-greets
  • Access to leading designers and craftsmen
  • Commemorative photo albums and DVDs
  • Amazing flexibility based on your wish list
  • Customized menus, and ingredients that are hand-picked and/or imported for superior quality

Our Luxury Tours will custom-build a captivating, once-in-a-lifetime adventure for you. Create your trip with us from scratch or view our sample itineraries below and customize them from there. The choices are endless!

The allure of the Silk Road is waiting for you. Start planning the trip of your dreams today using our custom booking process.