Photography Tour to Central Asia and Turkey

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Photography Tours to Central Asia give you an opportunity to enjoy its awesome landscape of towering mountains, crystal clear Lakes; interact with hospitable people; participate at cultural events and exciting festivities; to wander at the colorful bazaars and ancient neighborhoods!

Perhaps you have traveled to so many destinations of the world and you thought that there was no place left to go... Now you will go on a trip you will never forget! Central Asia Travel Central Asia is one of the world's most exotic destinations and one of the most photogenic. The rewards of travel are greater when combined with photography, an active way to capture the spirit of time, place and culture.

You can also walk in the tracks of Marco Polo, explore the routes of the camels, discover the mysterious and historical Silk Road, listen to the stories, see the ruins, and the great classical architecture.


Legendary Central Asia Travel

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For over 3000 years Central Asia has been a cultural and intellectual crossroads, luring travelers, traders, scholars and conquerors. Bordered by the vast Russian steppe to the north, the fairy tale beauty of the Caspian Sea to the west, soaring mountains and wilderness to the south, and forbidding deserts and snow-capped peaks to the east, the countries of Central Asia are the ultimate travel destination for anyone seeking the trip of a lifetime. Recently independent, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are the new frontiers on travel itineraries. We create memories with our travelers in Bukhara, Tashkent, Samarkand, Merv, Ashgabat and Khiva; the fabled cities of Marco Polo, Tamerlane and Alexander the Great. The region is a mix of the ancient world with modern flair and a dash of Soviet era thrown in. Its home to the warmest people in the world and we can take you there.

The journey begins in the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent, rightly called the “Star of the Orient” for its central location which facilitated the exchange of trade. Travelers will be awed by the Islamic influence of the architecture where madrasahs, ancient schools of Muslim theology, flourish alongside bustling bazaars, modern monumental parks and the Kaffal Shashi tomb of an ancient Islamic scholar and mystic. Continuing on, the tour crosses into Tajikistan, famous for its alpine lakes and enormous glaciers, where the northern city of Khujand claims to be the birthplace of the original Silk routes.

Across the border in Uzbekistan, Samarkand, arguably one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, fiercely guards its reputation as “The Rome of the East,” a magnificent city so advanced in classical learning and architectural display that it even rendered conqueror Alexander the Great speechless. Between the famous Bibi-Khanym mosque built by Tamerlane to the stunning blue dome of the Gur-Emir Mausoleum, and the singular beauty of Registan Square, which remains the hub of city life, Samarkand continues to impress visitors today.

Bukhara, as well: blending the modern and traditional, it delights travelers with its hearty plov dishes, folk shows, and rich scholastic heritage as once the cultural, scientific, and commercial center of the Silk Road. Thousands of ancient scholars and theologians once called Bukhara home, the city’s Kaylan Minaret evidently inspired Genghis Khan with such an appreciation for its beauty that he left it standing despite its religious overtones. The tour then proceeds into Turkmenistan, particularly famous for its intricately woven, bold red carpets, where travelers can explore the mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar in the ancient province of Mary and Ashgabat’s own Blue Mosque.

We return back to Uzbekistan after exploring Konya Urgench of Turkmenistan. Khiva of Uzbekistan is next to explore. It is a fairy-tale city of the Silk Road. Claimed to have been founded by Shem, the son of Biblical Noah, Khiva remains one of the best-preserved towns of the Silk Road, enchanting visitors with its brick-and-majolica-tiled city walls as well as the Khan’s Tash-Hauli Palace and Harem, and the Djuma palace with its distinctive 200 wooden pillars.

Moving along, the tour enters Kazakhstan, the largest country in Central Asia and home to some of the most spectacular alpine landscapes, which, in contrast with the vastness of the steppes below, exist if only to amplify the beauty of Kazakhstan’s hallmark geography. In the capital city of Almaty, travelers will visit the National Museum of Folk Musical Instruments as well as the magnificent Zenkov Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

Finally, the trail ends in Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek. Once a mere caravan stop on the Silk Road, the city is today a blend of Soviet, Asian and European influences, with its enticing mile long Dordoy Bazaar as one of the greatest marketplaces in Central Asia. Nearby, the warm alpine lake retreat of Issyk-Kul, one of the largest and deepest of its kind in the world, evokes a lasting impression of the weeks of cultural immersion in Central Asia’s rich heritage. We enjoy scouting our destinations once and again and creating new activities that are extraordinary. Contact us to join this Central Asia tour or request for your customized Central Asia adventure to Central Asia Silk Road.


Uzbekistan Cultural Discovery Tour

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The Golden Road to Samarkand!

Welcome to Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. Experience 3000 years of history, from the earliest settlements to the eras of Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, the Khans, Soviet rule and now Independence. Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, medieval palaces, fortresses and monuments, Its cities were created around mercantilism, academia and international exchange making it the true center of the Silk Road routes. Explore the bustling bazaars, old caravanserays, blue and green tiled minarets, the lace-like ornamentation and brilliant ceramics of mausoleums and mosques and fabulous museums of history, art and culture.  Steep yourself in thousands of years of culture and tradition as you travel the routes of history and legend. With the most experience in Central Asia and 25 years in Uzbekistan travel, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers the best selection of tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia.



Exploring Tashkent, Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand

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Silk Road Treasure Tours' best adventures; hands-on cultural experiences, local exploration, participation at seasonal and traditional festivals and travel to some of the world's most beautiful and rarely visited locations with local, experienced Silk Road experts to attend a tea ceremony, relax in a chaikhana, or enjoy a champagne picnic on the way to Samarkand. Cooking classes with master chefs and local bakers, caviar tasting from the Caspian Sea with smooth local vodkas – a legacy of the Soviet era. Wine tasting and dinners at centuries-old medresehs, where the likes of Marco Polo, Alexander the Great, and Omar Khayam visited. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites that have inspired imagination through the ages with outstanding archaeologists and historians. Private, guided visits through Uzbekistan's finest museums, visits to local artisans and galleries. Create your own 1001 nights in the lively bazaars of Uzbekistan!


Uzbekistan Shopper's Paradise

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Shop your way through the 1001 Nights in the bazaars of Uzbekistan! Our knowledgeable guides will make sure you see it all, help you hone your bargaining techniques and bring home fabulous souvenirs from your journey into Central Asia. After all, its our part of the world and we know it best. It's all part of the fun in the ancient trade domes, bazaars, and handicraft, artisan and designer workshops here in the heart of the ancient Silk Road. Uzbekistan's master craftsmen are famous for jewelry in silver, gold and semi-precious stones, for embossed silver, brass and copper; gorgeous carved wood, colorful ceramics, luxurious silks, bold ikat fabrics, intricate gold and silk embroideries; and carpets of geometric harmony and pure color. Uzbek aromatic plov and warm fresh bread from the clay tandur oven are just part of this feast of the senses - after all, you'll need to keep your strength up for shopping! The haunting traditional music of the dombra and tambur, the bustle of the markets and the swirl and dash of vibrant colors invite you to sample the traditions of Uzbekistan. Join our unforgettable shopping tour of Uzbekistan among the soaring minarets, glittering monuments, and hospitable people. Just say bozor kilamiz - going shopping!

This tour now includes the option to visit the Ferghana Valley which was the center of the ancient Great Silk Road it has 3000 years of history has amazing cultures, warm hospitality, old craftsmanship and authentic cuisine. It attracted travelers, Silk Road merchants and diplomats including Zhang Quan; a renowned Chinese diplomat from the 2nd century BC. It also played an important role as a bridge between East and West. Read more about the Ferghana Valley in our blog.


Luxury Travel To Uzbekistan

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Experience thousands years of history; from the earliest settlements through the time of the great empires of Alexander the Great and Tamerlane. Our private guides will help you explore the remains of palaces, fortresses and monuments from by-gone eras; the bazaars, caravanserais, blue cupolas, soaring minarets, lace-like ornamentation and brilliant ceramics of medieval mausoleums and mosques of Uzbekistan. As you travel the routes of history steep yourself in the rich culture of Central Asia and the warmest hospitality in the world. The best of accommodation, signature experiences and tempting cuisine are included in your custom itinerary for the ancient cites of Tashkent, Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. These are the lands of the Great Silk Road – of desert caravans and oases, fearless horsemen on windswept steppes and lush verdant valleys in pristine alpine peaks. Silk Road Treasure Tours offers you the luxury trip of a lifetime in Uzbekistan!


Uzbekistan Family Tour

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Explore the cultural treasures of Uzbekistan! Uzbekistan is the land of mosques, medressehs, monuments and minarets! In this Uzbekistan family tour you will visit everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites, magnificent forts and palaces and spectacular mountain ranges, lakes, steppe and deserts in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. You and your travel group explore traditional bazaars, markets and villages, tag along to real neighborhoods, schools and the homes of local residents to experience the warmth of Uzbek hospitality. You will also clamber over the ruins of an ancient mud fortress in the Kizil Kum desert, ride a camel and enjoy an overnight stay in a nomadic yurt under the stars. Stop in to watch master artisans in ceramics (tiles), weaving and wood carving and find those must-have souvenirs in the myriad of workshops in the old medressehs. See the process of cooking plov (pilaf) or non (its a little different everywhere!) and learn the ritual of pouring tea here. Enjoy traditional music, joyful children dance performances, and learn to play the doira (hand drum). Learn the folk stories, superstitions and legends of Central Asia, pay homage at the statue of storyteller Hodja Nasreddin in Bukhara. Participate in community work and the celebrations and festivals. Dress up in costumes from the time of Avicenna, act with Uzbek actors or take part in a sporting event. Enjoy private peaceful sunset view in a Kizilkum desert and in legendary Khiva.

Uzbekistan family tour begins and ends in Tashkent, with 1 night in the Kizil Kum desert, a night in a Yurt Camp and one night in  Khiva, a UNESCO World Heritage site,   2 nights in Bukhara, and 3 nights in Samarkand.  Price for the private family tour is  $3, 449 per person double occupancy.  Included are  accommodations  in 4-star and boutique hotels, all domestic transportation including air, ground, and high-speed rail; transfers,  English-speaking guides throughout,  activities and entrance  fees, wine tasting and a visa invitation.  Also included are cooking classes, master classes with craftsmen,  daily breakfast, 2 lunches with local families, and dinners with ambiance.

Our guests Wendy Perrin and family enjoyed their family experience in Uzbekistan and learn https://www.wendyperrin.com/photos-from-wendys-family-trip-just-back-from-the-silk-road/


Wonders Of The Silk Road

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Nobody does the Silk Road like we do! Our Wonders of the SIlk Road lets you follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and Genghis Khan along the ancient routes of the great caravans. Discover the history, legends and cultural insights exploring ancient ruins, classic Medieval architecture, and legendary cities. There's fabulous shopping in the bustling bazaars and the inviting welcome of a traditional chaikhana (tea house). Listen to enchanting Silk Road music, visit with a local family and enjoy a region famed for its hospitality. Travel through breathtaking scenes of desert and steppe, and bike or hike through the foothills of the spectacular Tianshan Mountains. This Silk Road Express tour includes four countries of the Silk Road: China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Silk Road exploring this bridge between East and West; between history and today. 


The Jewels of 3 Central Asia "Stans"

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This Central Asia trip begins in the historical capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, where you will enjoy exquisite site-seeing and a unique Silk Road shopping experience.  Enjoy a leisurely drive to the ancient city of Khiva and bask in the ambiance surrounding brick walls that are decorated with the delicate majolica tiling.  As the trip continues, we provide you with hassel free  border crossing experience into Turkmenistan, where you will commence in your discovery of the ancient archeological sites of Konya Urgench.  Our expert guides will then lead you to the largest city in Turkmenistan, Ashgabad, for the lifetime travel experience. In Ashgabad you will visit one of the most beautiful and rich carpet museums of Central Asia as well as bustling bazaar Altyn Asyr.

As your journey of a life time moves forward along the Silk Road, you will visit the legendary city of Mary in Turkmenistan and finish the memorable day by crossing the border back in Uzbekistan.  Prepare yourself for the authentic cuisine you will receive in Bukhara, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Uzbekistan culture.  It is a true stay in paradise as you enjoy the atmosphere of the 3000 year old city of Bukhara.  Have your camera ready as your enter into the city of Samarkand because you are going to want to remember this remarkable experience.  As your trip comes to an unfortunate close, embrace the beauty of Tajikistan and its wondrous ancient city of Penjikent.

This tour through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan is an opportunity of a life time. Not only do we supply smooth Visa process, accommodations, we also have extremely experienced guides who will make your trip special and crafted towards your travel style.  


The Hidden Riches Of Central Asia

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This trip is from our Condé Nast Traveler Collection

Central Asia is fast becoming the must-see frontier on travel itineraries. The nations of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are the ultimate destinations for those seeking the trip of a lifetime. Visitors to Central Asia are finding a world that stands between times. Closed to the west for decades under Soviet rule, the cities are rushing to catch up with the modern world yet most of the land remains as it has for centuries. It is a land of contrast with changing urban skylines and pristine landscapes, Silk Road culture and cuisine, thousands of years of history, some of the last unexplored territories, filled with adventure and opportunity and a tradition of hospitality unmatched anywhere in the world. This is our back yard, our knowledge and experience mean we offer the best tours to Central Asia.
Experience everything you have ever dreamed of...soaring minarets and azure skies, opulent silk and silver, intricate designs on ancient mosaics and carpets, sunbaked medieval walls, the majesty of mountains and glitter of an alpine lake, traditional music at a desert campfire and the inviting scents of warm bread and exotic spices. An exploration of the legendary "Stans" of Central Asia is the stuff of dreams. Silk Road Treasure Tours can make yours a reality.

Whether you are in the vibrant capital city of Ashgabad behind its sun-warmed adobe walls or in a village nestled in a lush valley sitting in a nomadic Kyrgyz yurt under a sky of blazing stars, or next to a spectacular giant glowing desert crater, our guests are presented with both the highest comfort and most authentic experience. You will witness classic Soviet architecture amidst soaring minarets, brilliant blue cupolas, lace-like ornamentation and ceramics of the medieval mausoleums and mosques. You will experience the excitement of the bustling bazaars, still as busy now as they were hundreds of years ago. These are places where anything is available, and everything is on display.

Hungry? our guests are tempted by the aroma of fresh bread from clay tandur ovens, and the robust smell of Silk Road spices, that unforgettable fragrance of faraway lands. Traveling with us you will enjoy fine food and wine with tailored menus. This is real luxury culinary immersion because we have exclusive access to private venues. We have the experience to select the best local food and exclusively offer the chance to sample food from local homes, private Kazakhstan estates and from caravan-serais.

These tours travel arrangements include first-class train cars on the high-speed railway, luxury automobiles. Our guests stay in the Silk Road Treasure Tours’ exclusive collection of international luxury branded hotels or local boutique hotels. International hotels include Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Inter-Continental, and Serena properties. Boutique hotels include: Minzifa, Sasha and Son, and Komil hotels in Bukhara; Orient Star Hotel in Khiva; and Bibi Khanum or Grand Samarkand Superior in Samarkand.

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