Tash Rabat

Authentic Silk Road Journey of a Lifetime

Published in Silk Road

The ancient Silk Road routes connected East and West; from China to Turkey, through Central Asia to India, and Persia and the Middle East. A trade route for hundreds of years, it's been the cultural bridge linking cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Caravans took years to ply the routes that now take only days for us on our caravan to explore destinations in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and China Silk Road. This tour is the perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders; visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and magnificent mountain ranges and deserts. Clamber over the ruins of Parthian fortresses, sleep in the desert next to a giant gas crater, enjoy the friendly hospitality of nomadic yurt camps and fabulous boutique hotels. Marvel at the shimmering beauty of medieval blue tiled domes and ride horses next to a stunning glacial Lake in Kyrgyzstan. Shop the bazaars, still as bustling as ever from Samarkand to Ashgabat and discover a world of tastes and experiences. Feel the pulse of civilization touring the treasures of the Silk Road.

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