The Jewels of 3 Central Asia "Stans"

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This Central Asia trip begins in the historical capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, where you will enjoy exquisite site-seeing and a unique Silk Road shopping experience.  Enjoy a leisurely drive to the ancient city of Khiva and bask in the ambiance surrounding brick walls that are decorated with the delicate majolica tiling.  As the trip continues, we provide you with hassel free  border crossing experience into Turkmenistan, where you will commence in your discovery of the ancient archeological sites of Konya Urgench.  Our expert guides will then lead you to the largest city in Turkmenistan, Ashgabad, for the lifetime travel experience. In Ashgabad you will visit one of the most beautiful and rich carpet museums of Central Asia as well as bustling bazaar Altyn Asyr.

As your journey of a life time moves forward along the Silk Road, you will visit the legendary city of Mary in Turkmenistan and finish the memorable day by crossing the border back in Uzbekistan.  Prepare yourself for the authentic cuisine you will receive in Bukhara, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Uzbekistan culture.  It is a true stay in paradise as you enjoy the atmosphere of the 3000 year old city of Bukhara.  Have your camera ready as your enter into the city of Samarkand because you are going to want to remember this remarkable experience.  As your trip comes to an unfortunate close, embrace the beauty of Tajikistan and its wondrous ancient city of Penjikent.

This tour through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan is an opportunity of a life time. Not only do we supply smooth Visa process, accommodations, we also have extremely experienced guides who will make your trip special and crafted towards your travel style.  


Authentic Silk Road Journey of a Lifetime

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The ancient Silk Road routes connected East and West; from China to Turkey, through Central Asia to India, and Persia and the Middle East. A trade route for hundreds of years, it's been the cultural bridge linking cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Caravans took years to ply the routes that now take only days for us on our caravan to explore destinations in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and China Silk Road. This tour is the perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders; visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and magnificent mountain ranges and deserts. Clamber over the ruins of Parthian fortresses, sleep in the desert next to a giant gas crater, enjoy the friendly hospitality of nomadic yurt camps and fabulous boutique hotels. Marvel at the shimmering beauty of medieval blue tiled domes and ride horses next to a stunning glacial Lake in Kyrgyzstan. Shop the bazaars, still as bustling as ever from Samarkand to Ashgabat and discover a world of tastes and experiences. Feel the pulse of civilization touring the treasures of the Silk Road.


Uzbekistan Shopper's Paradise

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Shop your way through the 1001 Nights in the bazaars of Uzbekistan! Our knowledgeable guides will make sure you see it all, help you hone your bargaining techniques and bring home fabulous souvenirs from your journey into Central Asia. After all, its our part of the world and we know it best. It's all part of the fun in the ancient trade domes, bazaars, and handicraft, artisan and designer workshops here in the heart of the ancient Silk Road. Uzbekistan's master craftsmen are famous for jewelry in silver, gold and semi-precious stones, for embossed silver, brass and copper; gorgeous carved wood, colorful ceramics, luxurious silks, bold ikat fabrics, intricate gold and silk embroideries; and carpets of geometric harmony and pure color. Uzbek aromatic plov and warm fresh bread from the clay tandur oven are just part of this feast of the senses - after all, you'll need to keep your strength up for shopping! The haunting traditional music of the dombra and tambur, the bustle of the markets and the swirl and dash of vibrant colors invite you to sample the traditions of Uzbekistan. Join our unforgettable shopping tour of Uzbekistan among the soaring minarets, glittering monuments, and hospitable people. Just say bozor kilamiz - going shopping!

This tour now includes the option to visit the Ferghana Valley which was the center of the ancient Great Silk Road it has 3000 years of history has amazing cultures, warm hospitality, old craftsmanship and authentic cuisine. It attracted travelers, Silk Road merchants and diplomats including Zhang Quan; a renowned Chinese diplomat from the 2nd century BC. It also played an important role as a bridge between East and West. Read more about the Ferghana Valley in our blog.


Uzbekistan Cultural Discovery Tour

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The Golden Road to Samarkand!

Welcome to Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. Experience 3000 years of history, from the earliest settlements to the eras of Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, the Khans, Soviet rule and now Independence. Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, medieval palaces, fortresses and monuments, Its cities were created around mercantilism, academia and international exchange making it the true center of the Silk Road routes. Explore the bustling bazaars, old caravanserays, blue and green tiled minarets, the lace-like ornamentation and brilliant ceramics of mausoleums and mosques and fabulous museums of history, art and culture.  Steep yourself in thousands of years of culture and tradition as you travel the routes of history and legend. With the most experience in Central Asia and 25 years in Uzbekistan travel, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers the best selection of tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia.


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