Travel to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Published in Baltic Republics

What’s next in the global travel market for the passionate traveler? The foodie? The culture maven? It’s here in the Baltics!

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia fill the northeast corner of Europe. Visit wild beaches, ancient forests and bogs, a sauna in the woods, a winemaker at the northernmost vineyard of the world, medieval castles, Soviet remnants and views over the Baltic Sea. Top it off with some of the best food anywhere! The surprisingly diverse landscapes provide the perfect medium for sustainable and luxury tourism. Discover the tumultuous history, and seafaring traditions of these gems of the Baltic. Explore the Medieval in Talinn, Art Nouveau in Riga and the Baroque in Vilnius. Gorgeous in summer and perfect in spring and fall, this part of the world takes on a fairy-tale like quality for winter visitors. 

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