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Luxury Travel to Central Asia

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Travel to Central Asia, where the doors to history, civilization, and the warmest welcome in the world are our pleasure to open for you. This is our homeland, and every visitor is an honored guest. Central Asia rewards the intrepid and the curious, its routes dotted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and its magnificent landscapes unfold like a fabled Turkmen carpet. The local experts at Silk Road Treasure Tours know the perfect sites, the hidden gems, the right people, and the best times to go. And we'll get you there in comfort with the best of guides and a bespoke itinerary. Steep yourself in 3,000 years of culture and traditions in hand-picked accommodation, whether in a vibrant capital city, behind sun-warmed adobe walls, in a village nestled in a lush valley or a nomadic yurt under a sky of blazing stars. Explore palaces, medresseh, fortresses, and caravanserais from by-gone eras amidst classic Soviet architecture, soaring minarets, glittering blue cupolas, lace-like ornamentation and brilliant ceramics on medieval mausoleums and mosques. Visit the bustling bazaars - still as busy now as they were hundreds of years ago, where anything is available and everything is on display. Clamber over the ruins of ancient Parthian fortresses or sleep in the desert next to a giant glowing crater. Ride horseback around a stunning alpine lake, or lumber on a Bactrian camel over rolling dunes. Feel the pulse of civilization where history and cultures merge. Enjoy the heady Silk Road cuisine redolent of spices from far away and as tempting as fresh bread from the clay tandur oven. The nations of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan are the ultimate destinations for those seeking the trip of a lifetime. Travelers here find a world that stands between times, a land of contrast and extremes. Silk Road Treasure Tours offers signature experiences filled with adventure, opportunity and a tradition of hospitality unmatched anywhere in the world.

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