Easter in Armenia – The Cradle of Christianity

Published in Armenia

Easter or “Zatik” in Armenia is one of the most colorful, joyful celebrations of the year. With traditions dating back thousands of years, visitors are invited to church ceremonies, to participate in community events, to feast like the locals and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the region. Incense wafts from inside candlelit cathedrals, Easter eggs are dyed, often in dark red for the blood of Christ. Voices everywhere are raised in greeting and response of “Krisdos haryav ee merelotz!” – Christ is risen!” and “Orhnyal eh harootiunun Krisdosee!” – “Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!” while Easter eggs are cracked together! Sweet bread is shared and the table is decorated with colored eggs nestled in dishes of fresh spring grass. Armenia is filled with ancient temples, monasteries and churches, rich sacred and historical sites and the Holy Week of Easter is the most important time in this most ancient of Christian cultures. It was here in 301AD that Armenia officially adopted Christianity as the state religion. The rich history and culture, incredible scenery, continental climate, and modern amenities combine to make Armenia an unforgettable experience for travelers. From the mountain meadows of Tsakhkadzor to the historic churches of Echmiadzin, the cognac cellars and urban pulse of Yerevan, come and celebrate this most joyous of holidays in Armenia!

This is a tour suitable for Religious, Cultural, Photography, Family, Archaeological and Sightseeing. Available as a Group Tour or Private Tour. Suitable for family, boomers, anniversary, romantic and business.

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