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Following Central Asia's Silk Road

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Central Asia offers thousands of years of cultural, historical and archaeological treasures and the warmest hospitality in the world! Silk Road Tresure Tours offers you the opportunity to explore, experience and discover these lands of the ancient Silk Road. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are the places we long to explore, cities of fable, and landscapes of legend; where the pulse of ancient civilization provides the backdrop for recently independent nations. From soaring minarets, desert sands and wind-swept steppe, opulent silk and silver, intricate designs on ancient mosaics and carpets, and colors and exotic offerings in lively bazaars. Discover the fascinating historical and cultural transformations that have taken place from the Sogdian Empire to Islamic Caliphate, from Tamerlane to the Tsars, from Soviet rule to present-day independence. Our outstanding guides will lead you to spiritual centers of Sufi, Buddhist and Zoroastrian origin, ancient petroglyphs and ruins, Islamic mehdressas and mosques, and through bazaars brimming with traditional and contemporary handicrafts and workshops. Meetings with historians, archaeologists, artisans and local families will enhance the experience, rounded out with traditional dance, music and cultural displays on our journey across Central Asia's Silk Road.


Gems of Kyrgyzstan

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The grand, rugged Kyrgyz Republic is an adventurer's dream come true! Over eighty per cent mountainous, Kyrgyzstan boasts some of the highest altitudes and the second largest mountain lake in the world. Picturesque, with stunning sunsets, Issyk-kul is also a premier bird watching destination. Eighty different nationalities call Kyrgyzstan home and you will never find a warmer welcome, be it in a yurt in the valleys or in a home in the capital, Bishkek. Historical and cultural monuments, from primitive rock petroglyphs and the remains of ancient settlements and medieval fortresses, to Soviet era architecture lie in wait for you. Its a road less traveled, with treasures for everyone.  Come explore the Silk Road history and wealth of natural beauty that is Kyrgyzstan! Visitors are honored guests and welcome at celebrations and festivals or to a meal with a local family. A semi-nomadic nation, there's horseback trekking and hiking in the foothills, and dining under the stars. Shop for wool, silk, and embroidered fashion and home décor at artisan workshops and museums of fine arts. Kyrgyzstan is the lair of the snow leopard, and new discoveries on road of the intrepid traveler! 

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