Kalpa and Ram Sunda - April 2023

Kalpa and Ram Sunda - April 2023

Ram and I have all of you to thank for a small meter of Silk Route woven in our Central Asia journeys through life!

We loved the attention, seamless travel arrangements and the Silk Road traditions of your beautiful countries Uzbekistan and Tajikistan! Thank you for the great cultural; tour, amazing hospitality, music and entertainment and delicious food!

Tajikistan was a 24 hour magic with spectacular mountains and antiquity!

Bek (Bekhruz Nazarov), our wonderful caring guide,  special thanks to you for the outstanding tour and we wish you a great future!

Zulya, I didn’t get to meet you, but your people and your family are our highlight. Particularly mom!!! We look forward to traveling with Silk Road Treasure Tours again! 

Salam Alaykum, Zulya, Bek, Faridun and David,