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Margery and Stewart Chodosch, June, 2019

Margery and Stewart Chodosch, June, 2019

We just returned from a wonderful trip to the Central Asia Stans - Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.  Thank you, Zulya Rajabova , for your excitement in describing your homeland,  Uzbekistan and  making us want to visit!  You planned the trip perfectly.  We couldn’t have been more impressed when you called us a week before departure to answer any last minute questions we might have.  In all our many years of travelling, we have never received such service!

The trip went very smoothly.  When we missed our connecting flight to Tashkent, I immediately emailed  you to tell you of our change in flight number and new arrival time.  You contacted our guide who was waiting at the airport when we  arrived. We believe that the guide really makes or breaks a trip.  Our guide in Uzbekistan was first rate.  He was a very knowledgable and caring individual.  He made history come alive for us.

One of the highlights of our trip was the Uzbek home visit.  We never expected our home visit to be with your family in Bukara.  We were made to feel like members of your family! The Central Asia Tour  itinerary was well put together.  Every stop was totally different from the last.  We can’t rave enough about Silk Road Treasure Tours and our trip to the “Jewels of Central Asia”.

Margery and Stewart Chodosch, New York, USA. June, 2019

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