Sophia Kulich, Owner of Sophia's Travel, May, June, 2019

Sophia Kulich, Owner of Sophia's Travel, May, June, 2019

I own and operate agency Sophia’s Travel. For the past year I booked clients to Uzbekistan with Silk Road Treasure tours and I just returned from an Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan trip leading my group. The tour was eye opening!  Uzbekistan is such a interesting country, rich in history and especially Jewish history which is my specialty.

Tourism is still developing here, and logistically it's not always easy to plan. It's important to have a trusting partner. Zulya Rajabova and her Silk Road Treasure Tours Team team in Uzbekistan were terrific, from detailed planning and preparation to execution of the trip. We had excellent guides, best available hotels, and comfortable vehicles; we tried land transfers, local high speed trains and flights. We enjoyed immersion into Uzbekstan  local culture and even were invited to Zulya’s parents home in Bukhara, it was very special event. A bonus was attending Bukhara Silk and Spice festival, which we enjoyed.

All my group was impressed with a country, it is rich with architectural treasure, excellent food and affordable shopping.  The biggest asset of Uzbekistan though are it’s people. In Uzbekistan, you are not just another tourist, you are special guest.

Compared to Uzbekistan’s architectural monuments, Kazakhstan paled a bit but we still enjoyed Almaty, the falconry demonstration and the highlight for my group was meeting with the local Jewish community and praying with the rabbi near the grave of Lubavitche’s Rebbe father. Thank you again and I am looking forward bringing you more tourists.

Sophia Kulich, Owner of Sophia's Travel. Florida, USA May, June, 2019