Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bunge, September, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bunge, September, 2018

Central Asia, China Silk Road Travel Experience:

We are an older Alaskan couple who journeyed with Silk Road Treasure Tours thru Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China in September and October 2018.   We think our tour was a big success. 

The travel arrangements in Central Asia and China Silk Road were perfect.  We were met by a guide at every transfer.   The flight and train trips went smoothly.  The cars we used were roomy and comfortable. 

In Central Asia, we had one guide in each of the three nations we visited.   In China, the guides were local and changed for each leg of the journey.  All of these guides were professional.  They knew their areas very well.  They were flexible  whenever we requested a change in the itinerary.  Their English was good or better.   They were friendly and helpful. 

The lodgings were excellent.  The hotel breakfast buffets were spectacular.  The other meals provided were great also.  In China, we found dinners ourselves; but only in Xi’an and Beijing were the hotels in town, not isolated, giving us a choice of outside restaurants. 

The attractions we visited were interesting, some gorgeous.  But by the time we were finished seeing Central Asia, we had been to too many madrassas, mosques, and mausoleums. 

It was thrilling to see the stars over the desert, the ancient cities, the Great Wall, and the terra cotta army. 

Any inconveniences and irritations came from factors that were outside the control of Treasure Tours, such as the oppressive police presence in Xinjiang, the lack of full Internet access in many locales and some rough roads. 

We are both very happy to have taken this fascinating journey with Silk Road Treasure Tours. 

Sam & Linda Bunge,  Petersburg, Alaska, USA