Lynn Gilbert, August, 2014

Lynn Gilbert, August, 2014

Zulya Rajabova created the most wonderful trip for me! As I had traveled to Uzbekistan once before and had not had a good trip, I was going with trepidation, but Zulya and her Silk Road Treasure Tours team delivered beyond my wildest expectations.

Initially, all my plans had to be changed close to departure date due to a family matter, but Zulya was not only extraordinarily accommodating but redid the itinerary, the hotel arrangements, and picking the right guide, as if it were not a problem.

This was a trip with a definite goal in a limited time frame. I needed photographs for a sizable one-man exhibition at a museum, and was not satisfied with what I had from my previous trip.

Our initial conversations where very productive because Zulya listens, she really listens, and then presents you with options. The trip isn't finalized until she knows that you are satisfied, Then she picks the people on her team who can help achieve your goals.

I've traveled all over the world and one thing I've learned is that the guide can make or break a trip. Even though this trip had to be redone almost last minute, Zulya found a terrific guide... The luck of traveling with Zulya, is that you start with a rock solid itinerary, but along the way you might realize that another city might be good. And that's just what happened. We drove many many miles away to stay in Khiva, and it was fabulous. I got my pictures and if there is anyone to thank it's Zulya

Travel with her and you'll see the country as it should be seen.

Lynn Gilbert