West of the southern Ural Mountains, at the confluence of two majestic rivers, find the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa. Ufa is a peaceful city that serves as Bashkortostan's scientific, cultural, economic, and political center. City architecture and customs reflect its Islamic and Turkic roots – Ufa is known for its huge mosques and soaring minarets. Let the wind from steppe whisk you away on an unbelievable adventure to this gorgeous, welcoming fantasyland!

Ufa is the perfect destination for art lovers, as the city itself is a masterpiece. Just getting into the city, marvel at the vast forests and rolling rivers that seem to coalesce. The city center continues this trend of beauty, with art displays inside and outside almost every building. Not to mention – one street is entirely a museum! As you stroll down the road, gaze at wooden houses surrounded by foliage and sweet smells. Explore both ruined and preserved religious sites and residences, meeting with kind staff that is happy to let you interact with their precious exhibits. Afterwards, head over to the State Art Museum, where you can browse 102 of painter Mikhail Nesterov's mysterious pieces; the museum also has numerous works from other contemporary and past Russian, Bashkir, and Tatar artists. Later, explore the National Museum of Bashkortostan, which displays fascinating exhibits detailing the region and its peoples' glorious history.

Before the sun goes down, drive out to the Chernikovska suburb. Lala-Tulpan, one of the city's modern mosques, sits amidst a dense forest, the trees in which just barely reach the height of the mosque's looming, tulip-shaped minarets. Returning to the center, check out a 100-year old mosque in the form of an old house, where you will experience the hospitable Islamic soul. Then, head an Ufa ethnic restaurant for a kebab or a cheburek (a meat-filled patty) and attend a show at one of the city's two drama theaters. Each always receives rave reviews! Finally, by nightfall, climb up to the famous statue of Bashkir national hero Salavat Yulaev, situated near a handsome mosque on a rocky outlook. Enjoy the "view from the top" as you gaze out into Ufa's striking countryside.

Your travel to Ufa will fulfill all your needs for splendor, culture, and unheard of hospitality!