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A vibrant cultural center amidst eastern Russia's vast forests and winding rivers, Moscow represents the uniquely Russian fusion of Western comfort and Eastern charm. The Russian capital is a cosmopolitan realm with delights for all travelers, whether history and art buffs or lovers of fine dining and nature. Every corner of the city reveals a piece of history or culture, whether a museums, historical monument, or scenic overlook.

Tours in Moscow take you to the most popular tourist attraction in the city: Red Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, stand on the very spot where Soviet citizens gathered for Lenin and Stalin's speeches and watched grandiose military parades. However, the square itself reflects only part of this location's history: each surrounding building carries its own legend. On one side loom the towers of the Kremlin, the heart of Russian politics and history and an architectural treasure trove. Be in awe at the complex's cathedrals and palaces, once home to the Tsars and Orthodox Patriarchs. Stop in the nearby GUM department store – a masterpiece in its own right – for a cup of borscht, a bliny pancake with sour cream or jam, or a delicious shashlyk (lamb kebab). Then, step back outside to marvel at the fairy tale colors and shapes of St. Basil's Cathedral; its vibrant colors and lofty domes will beckon you to explore the hallowed halls of this global religious and cultural symbol.

The fun doesn't end here: travel to Moscow has much more to offer! Hop on the Moscow Metro, one of the best transportation systems in the world, and travel anywhere in the city. Zoom down to Tsaritsyno and enjoy a lovely stroll around one of Catherine the Great's 18th century palaces, now surrounded by a pristine nature preserve. Alternatively, wander around the world-famous Tretyakov Gallery, which houses some of the most important pieces of ancient and modern Russian art. As your day begins to wind down, promenade down Arbat Street, where you can shop for traditional Russian souvenirs, such as nesting dolls, fur hats, and traditional painted boxes with scenes of old Russian tales. Dine riverside in one of Arbat's many scrumptious ethnic restaurants, before heading back toward Red Square to the recently reopened Bolshoi Theater for a stunning ballet or opera performance. By the time night falls, bright city lights will allow you to walk along the Moscow River against a striking view of the shining city.

Your tour in Moscow will leave you craving more of Russia, both to the east and to the west!

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