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Siberia's harsh landscape gives way to inviting hospitality in Irkutsk, a cultural capital of Eastern Russia. Irtutsk has grown from an exile-destination to an academic and social center. Now one of the biggest cities in Siberia, this city is a popular destination for travelers hoping to experience a synthesis of Russian and native Buryat culture. Beautiful modern architecture blends in to traditional ornamented wooden houses, amidst which lie impressive, colorful Orthodox churches. Your tour in Irkutsk will give you a taste of true Siberian warmth!

Begin your journey in one of Irkutsk's three breathtaking museums: explore the City History Museum, which holds artifacts and rarities from Irkutsk's fascinating past; the Irkutsk Regional Museum, which tells the tale of Siberia's many rich cultures; or the Sukachev Art Museum, which houses Siberia's best collection of European, East Asian, and Siberian masterpieces. Afterwards, travel to the city's historical center, where on the remains of the former Irkutsk Kremlin stands the Spasskaya Church, a white beauty ornamented with detailed wall paintings. Evenings in Irkutsk provide various forms of entertainment, from traditional Buryat folk festivals to stunning concerts at the Irkutsk Philharmonic. Enjoy relaxing music while munching on a posy, a traditionally Buryat dough-pocket filled with minced meat.

In the morning, take a bus out to the nearby Listvyanka Settlement, a village-like resort built right on the shores of Lake Baikal. Listvyanka houses numerous museums, shops, cafes, saunas, and nature preserves - not to mention, Lake Baikal is literally at your doorstep! Take a quiet walk up through the mountains to take pictures in front of a scenic view of Baikal nature. There, had down to Shaman Rock, a mysterious natural formation said to hold magical powers, and the subject of much local lore. By evening time, the sun sets and the night sky dims, making a walk along Listvyanka's wooden lakeside houses romantic, relaxing, and unforgettable.

Set out on your own Siberian adventure as you travel to Irkutsk! Enjoy Russia Travel!

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