Bhaktapur is known as the city of devotees. You will find temples, stupas and large monuments of god and goddesses at one glance. The monuments are protected, untouched and in good condition. Ask anyone what's the first thing to explore while in Bhaktapur and they will tell you that it's the Darbar Square. It's the most magnificent site that you will get to see: a series of pagoda-styled temples filled with monuments. The carved wood columns, palaces and temples have elaborate carvings on them. The gilded roofs and open courtyards take you back to the early 15th century. The lion gate, the golden gate, the palace of fifty-five windows, 30m-high Nyatapola Temple, Batsala and pashupati temples are flooded with tourists enamored by this city.

You can make a day trip to this glorious city of temples and return back by the 6.45 pm bus, which is the last bus to Kathmandu.

If you happen to travel to Nepal during April - May, it's New Year celebration time in Bhaktapur. The festival's called the Bisket Jatra. A huge chariot of the god Bhairab is lugged by dozens of young Nepali men to Khalna Tole, where a huge 25m-high lingam(phallic symbol) is erected in the stone yoni (female genital symbol) base. In the evening of the New Year's Day, the pole is pulled down by contesting teams of men. As the pole crashes to the ground, the New Year officially commences.

If the divinity becomes too overbearing for you, then it's time that you head for the next marvel and go hiking in Pokhara.