Travel to the City of Pearls - Hyderabad

When you dunk deep into the sea, you might end up finding a pearl necklace instead of a solitary pearl. Hyderabad is one such pearly tour destination. Find out why.

The city of pearls was once ruled by the Nizams who were responsible for making it one of the wealthiest cities of India. It was so prosperous that the All-Time Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan made it to Forbes Wealthiest List of 2008. A similar richness is experienced in sight-seeing the magnificent structures. Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, a state in south India known for its greatest intermix of different cultures and communities, (hindus and muslims).

So if you are looking for a unique travel vacation, Hyderabad might be your pick for a favorable tour destination.

The best time to travel to Hyderabad is between October and March. It is also well-connected by railways, road and air. The airport at Begumpet, located 8 Km north of the Hyderabad city (the gateway to South India) makes travel easier if you are touring South of India. There are a variety of accommodation options to suit every kind of traveler. Hyderabad has 5- Star hotels like the Taj Krishna, ITC Kakatiya Sheraton & Towers or Hotel Golconda, Baseraa Inn. But, book in advance.

Charminar, the legendary monument (400 years old) consists of four graceful minarets was built on four arches by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah. It is one of the most popular structures traveled by tourists from across the world. Another masterpiece, the Golconda Fort was built in mud, but later reconstructed into a beautiful architectural delight using acoustics. Just clap your fingers and the sound reverberates and can be heard at the crest of the fort. The famous Koh-i-noor diamond was kept here which now adorns the crown of the British queen. Do not miss the light and sound show (closed Mondays) which is showcased in the fort at 7 pm during winters.

Another tour delight is the FalaknumaPalace which means Mirror in the Sky was originally designed by an Italian architect and contains some rare gems collected by the Nizam.

You can also plan a trip to Ramoji Film City, which besides being a world-renowned film production center is a popular magnificent tourist hangout.

The other aspect of visiting Hyderabad is savoring the delicious and mouthwatering Biriyani (A rice-based dish made with spices, basmati rice, meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. Easily found on the streets and also in the best of the restaurants in Hyderabad, Biriyani is a delicacy that is prepared especially during the month of Ramzan and other Muslim festivals and you don't even have to travel far to each this lip smacking delight.

Being the Pearl City, Hyderabad's regal patronage has ensnared an affluence of pearls and rare gems making it one-stop-destination for pearls. There is one large street consisting of pearl shops named - Patther Gatti which consists of a relay of shops that sell pearls with shimmer of gold, the rubies and the exquisite emeralds. You will find some rare traditional designs to suit your likes.

There is another facet to Hyderabad and that is, its twin city Secunderabad. Around 7-8km from Hyderabad, there is a stark contrast between the two cities. It is also major hub for the city bus transport run by the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. It is sometimes called Cyberabad because of the IT influence in this part of the state.

You will be lost in the vivid history that the city has to offer. The people are very friendly and amicable. A good tip is to hire a guide or consider a tour package offered by the tourism department. It is safe and you will find good company for an elaborate city tour of this ancient city.