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Fann Mountains

Fann Mountains

Fann MountainsThe unforgettable Fann Mountains, which form the highest part of Zeravshan ridge in Central Tajikstan, offer untouched, one-of-a-kind scenery. These beautiful Central Asian peaks are located on the Hissar and Turkestan ridges in the southwest part of Pamir-Alay and stretch from the Caspian to the Pacific. Eleven mountaintops exceed 5000 m, including Bodkhon (5138 m), Energia (5105 m), Zamok (5070 m), Chapdar (5050 m), and the highest in this region, Chimtarga (5487 m).

The area is also home to approximately 30 glittering lakes that are the source of mystery and legend. The largest and most famous of these is Lake Iskanderkul, located near several charming villages, though many believe the most beautiful and picturesque is Lake Kulikalon. Another well-known site lies in the Mogisendarya River valley just to the south of Penjikent, the chain of seven lakes.

The Fann Mountain region also features canyons with pristine, rushing rivers, steep glacial peaks, breathtaking vistas, and picturesque river valleys, along with the aforementioned lakes scattered throughout juniper and birch forests. This area mesmerizes visitors with its unique beauty and rich wildlife and remains largely unchanged to this day.

The only road from Dushanbe north across the Fanns is currently undergoing major reconstruction to replace the most treacherous and difficult passes. These passes are an exciting experience in themselves, as they wind steeply up to 3600 m high on rough dirt roads. A journey between Dushanbe and Penjikent or from Dushanbe to Khujand takes 4-6 hours.

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