Photography Tours

If you have traveled the world, are passionate about your photography and seek new frontiers to capture exotic and spectacular images, come with us on a Photo Safari along the Silk Road!
Our Photo Safari tour guides are expert photographers. They work with professional photographers, those expanding their skills and amateurs who are learning that the rewards of travel are even greater when combined with photography. Our photographers provide on-site instruction, inspiration and they help you realize in your photos each destination's spirit of time, place and culture.
They know unique subjects to shoot – subjects found nowhere else on earth. The legendary nomads of Mongolia, the stunning architecture of imperial Russia, and the historic sites of Turkey and China are yours to bring home. The hospitable people you meet in the ancient villages along the Silk Road, the colorful bazaars, festive celebrations, the most dramatic sunsets of the Caucasus, dusty and romantic deserts and stunning landscapes of Central Asia all provide a wealth of intriguing subjects.
Travel at a relaxed pace and with confidence. Our photo safari experts select the best time of day for optimum lighting; take advantage of atmospheric weather conditions; and find the specific cultural activities and sites that pique your interest. You'll derive the most from your Silk Road Treasure Tours experience and return home with photographs and memories you'll treasure forever.
While on safari you follow the tracks of Marco Polo and the camel routes, explore ancient ruins, the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, listen to local stories and dine in family homes. Enjoy an Uzbek tea ceremony while relaxing in a chaikhana Labi Khaus (tea house), and savor the outdoors on a champagne picnic at the glittering alpine Lake Issyk kul. Complete your adventurous day with an overnight stay in a Mongolian yurt.
At Silk Road Treasure Tours, our passion is to create awe-inspiring, active experiences and the best photographic opportunities at every destination for every traveler on safari. We are committed to provide you with the trip-of-a-lifetime.
Our founder and president Zulya Rajabova is a native of Uzbekistan. She has traveled to all the fascinating destinations on our Silk Road itineraries. She and our Photo Safari tour guides are destination specialists who focus on the Silk Road regions of Central Asia and China. We know the people of the Silk Road, and we speak their languages.
Rates for a Photo Safari along the Silk Road depend upon your itinerary and include accommodations, authentic meals, ground transportation, domestic flights, entrance fees, tour guide services, visa assistance and more.
You may have traveled to many destinations of the world and thought there is no place left to go. Now you know better. Isn't it high time for your Photo Safari along the Silk Road to Central Asia, Caucasus or may be China Silk Road.