Extended Trips

Most of Silk Road Treasure Tours travel itineraries are designed for 8 to 14 days, but we are delighted that many seasoned travelers now want to travel with us for longer periods: from 18 to 40 and even 60 days!
Long closed to westerners, the Silk Road's stunning alpine vistas, vast stretches of steppe and desert, bustling cities and ancient villages have brilliantly emerged as the newest, must-see destinations. These treasures add to a traveler's appreciation of the people and beauty of Central Asia, the Caucasus, China, Iran, Turkey and Mongolia.
Our experience working with international and regional airlines makes it easy for us to arrange flights to multiple destinations. We know the routes, the timing and the conditions to enhance your journey. We strive always for the most economical and comfortable transportation for you, the most pleasant transfers and the smoothest border crossings no matter how long your stay or how many different countries you visit. We assist with obtaining your multiple visas, and provide our expertise for every destination you wish to add to your stay.
Another possibility for your extended stay: If your flight to or from Central Asia includes a stop in Istanbul, we suggest a stay there to enjoy our tour and to relax at one of that fascinating city's beautiful spas.
And another: In China, the wonders of Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and a cruise on the Yellow River are within easy reach from Central Asia. A walk on China's Great Wall and visits to Kashgar, Urumqi, Turpan and Dunhuang also are on our itinerary.
Silk Road Treasure Tours professional staff arranges extended stays for individuals, private groups and others. We highly recommend that you plan your extended stay before leaving North America so all needed visas are ready.
Extended stay tours include the same amenities as the initial tour: superb boutique hotel accommodations, exciting sightseeing, comfortable transportation, authentic cuisine, excellent tour guides and delightful cultural activities.