Our Recently Returned Travelers


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting some of my special guests during my Central Asia and Caucasus trip.   We had lunch together,  participated in cooking classes, explored archaeological treasures in Uzbekistan, hiked to mountain tops in Kyrgyzstan, and shopped at local bazaars.  We also met with our Young Ambassadors who want to be our future guides.

Organizing travel and events in Central Asia can be challenging without the right contacts and languages. Our personal connections with hotel and museum staff, creative directors, chefs, and local residents mean our clients have access to active archaeological sites, behind-the-scenes, private and after-hours tours, and access to private events with top museum curators and historians at heritage venues. Groups of 10 or more have the option to travel with a personal chef if there are dietary restrictions. We organize visits with contacts from fashion designers to government representatives, with women's collectives and large corporations or niche businesses.

I am very humbled and I appreciate the trust that travelers and travel agent colleagues have placed in me and my company. My team and I will continue working hard providing extraordinary travel experiences to our guests in Central Asia and the Caucasus!

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Travel Guru Wendy Perrin Family Tour to Uzbekistan

wendy-perrin-visits-Uzbekista_20190907-191042_1 Wendy Perrin and family are welcomed in Uzbekistan

My friends;

Many of you know us as the Trusted Travel Experts for Central Asia on travel guru Wendy Perrin’s WOW List!. Wendy and her family visited my homeland of Uzbekistan with us this summer, finding out just what an extraordinary destination it is! Her fabulous photos and adventures were captured on Facebook and Instagram, and you can read all about her adventures here: She’s written a wonderful blog post, and you can enjoy her fabulous photos and adventures here: https://www.wendyperrin.com/photos-from-wendys-family-trip-just-back-from-the-silk-road/

Find our page on her WOW List!: https://www.wendyperrin.com/?destination=uzbekistan-travel-guide-zulya-rajabova 

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Visit Spectacular Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan


The Ferghana Valley was an important center of the ancient Great Silk Road. 3000 years of history offer amazing culture, warm hospitality, old-world craftsmanship and authentic cuisine. Over the centuries, it has attracted travelers, traders, merchants, pilgrims and diplomats, playing an important role bridging East and West.

The Ferghana region is surrounded by the spectacular Tian Shan mountains and traversed by the waters of both the Naryn and Syr Darya Rivers, with views of the  Pamir and Fann mountains In neighboring Tajikistan. The award-winning Silk Road Treasure Tours team is thrilled to bring our travelers to this fascinating part of Uzbekistan for an extraordinary travel experience. Tours include visits to charming and remote villages, enjoying Ferghana pilaf with locals, and participating in classes with regional artisans and craftsmen skilled in the secrets of ceramics, silks and carpets.

When I first traveled to the Ferghana Valley from my native city of Bukhara in 1996, there were a limited number of sites you could visit. Places like the Kokand Khudayarkhan Palace, Andijan Juma mosque and the Dehkon bazaar. Now, with Uzbekistan's developed tourism infrastructure, many more ancient sites have been restored, and previously closed areas are open to visitors.  The outstanding Margilan Yodgorlik Silk Factory for example, has been reintroduced into our new Uzbekistan tour itineraries. All this access has encouraged new luxury boutique hotels and guest houses, affording travelers exciting choices in accommodation. 

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