Best of Kazakhstan


The 9th largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is as varied as its landscapes. It offers travelers an ancient nomadic culture, modern cities, and a range of terrain that remain fabulously less traveled. Regular flights from several European and Asian hubs will take you to the former capital city of Almaty and the new purpose-built capital of Nur-...

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Best of Kyrgyzstan: it’s all about the scenery.


One of our most intriguing destinations, Kyrgyzstan is also one of the least explored. For those in the know, Kyrgyzstan is the place to travel for those seeking traditional culture, outdoor adventure, and untamed landscapes. National heritage is strong in Kyrgyzstan where nomadic hunters show off birds of prey and horsemanship skills, and family w...

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Top Reasons to Travel to the Georgia Republic


We want to thank many of our travelers, readers for contacting us during COVID about your continued interests in our Silk Road destinations. Yes, we look forward to taking you to Central Asia and Caucasus when it will be safe. Your health and safety are our priority. Based on our recent zoom conferences and your requests we will start providing you...

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