Dear Friends


We hope you and your families are safe and well.

As the COVID-19 continues to impact communities across the world, your safety is our top priority. We understand why travelers are rescheduling travel plans for this summer. Our company is strong, our network of dedicated travel professionals, tour operators, guides and local communities are staying in touch and keeping safe waiting for things to stabilize.  

You may not be able to travel right now, but when you can, our team will be there to give you the very best travel experiences.

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Central Asia Tour Experts at the New York Times Travel Show


We recently participated in the New York Times Travel Show -  the biggest travel industry exhibit in Northern America! We were the only company offering unique, extraordinary tours to Uzbekistan, the other Central Asia Stans and the Caucasus countries and the interest in these regions and response from visitors was overwhelming! So fabulous! We want to thank all the world travelers, US travel agents, and travel journalists for stopping by our booth, for signing up for Central Asia and Caucasus travel, and our 2020-2021 small group and private tours. 

During the travel show as award-winning Conde Nast and Wendy Perrin associates, we provided their travel experts as well as NYT Travel Show visitors with presentations about our Silk Road Treasure tours to Central Asia and Caucasus. We had on-stage performances by renown Central Asia and Caucasus dance troupes and held interviews with journalists about the latest Central Asia travel trends, tours, hotels and new visa laws at Meet-the-Expert sessions.

Enjoy this short video taken at the event:

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Hello Dear Friends and Travelers - Happy 2020 and Happy Travels!


This has been a fabulous year for us with so many of our Central Asia and Caucasus specialty regions being named top travel destinations for 2020! Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, The Financial Times, Wendy Perrin... My part of the world is growing rapidly as a must-see place!

Our guides and local experts helped me create our own Silk Road Tours Travel Bucket list for 2020. This should help you your search for your next adventure with us. We're specialists in customizing small group, niche travel or independent itineraries for your travel style and budget. Tell us what you're interested in and we'll help you get there. We have everything from trains, archaeology, history, architecture, food, shopping, or a little bit of everything! All of our trips are customized for your travel style and budget. Want a fantastic family trip? A memorable anniversary? The best birthday ever? Let the experts weave their magic for you.

I hope you join us at the New York Times Travel Show this weekend! We're at Booth 259 in the Asia Pavilion. I have a few complimentary tickets and there will be lively Dance performances on the Orange stage both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Can't be there? You can still take advantage of our Travel Show Discounts and Monthly Deals. Just check the website, they're updated regularly. For repeat clients who have traveled with us at least twice there’s an additional $500 USD for their next trips with us. 

Spring is the ultimate time for travel to Central Asia and the Caucasus, with everlasting blue skies and sunshine, the wild flowers are blooming and the temperatures are perfect. We’ve got seats for you at the Silk and Spices Festival in May in Uzbekistan, a place for you at the table to celebrate Navruz New Year in March in Central Asia and an opportunity to witness an over-the-top exciting World Nomad Games in Turkey this September.

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