Top Reasons to Travel to the Caucasus


  Azerbaijan The Azerbaijan eVisa - Tourist visas to Azerbaijan once involved weeks of planning and hefty fees. The recent eVisa has made formalities faster, easier and cheaper. Tourists of 100 nationalities can apply for the affordable Azerbaijan tourist visa online which takes only a few days to process. The locals - Similar to their neighbo...

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Reasons to Add Turkmenistan to Your Travel Wish-List


It's all about the horses here! The legendary Akhal-Teke horses are famous all over the world, an ancient breed descended from nomadic steeds, second to none as racehorses. Their golden sheen earned them the moniker "golden horses" from Greek historian Herodotus. It's on fire! The "fiery fortresses" of the Yangi-Kala canyon get their name from the ...

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Navruz - The New Year Festival across Uzbekistan and Our Silk Road Destinations


The celebration of Navruz is one of the oldest and most colorful in Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Persia and other Silk Road destinations and it's celebrated by more than 300 million people worldwide. New Year's here is on March 21st, the spring equinox, when daylight and darkness are of equal length. Navruz or Norouz comes from the Farsi language and ...

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