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Safe Travels!


Travel safety is on everyone's minds these days. So, where can you find alternative destinations with all the elements for fantastic travel without the safety concerns? Central Asia is all of that and as authentic as it comes: exotic locations, fascinating history, incredible natural beauty, intriguing cultures and safe, secure travel. Silk Road Treasure Tours and our caring tour teams offer you truly fabulous experiences in what are quickly becoming top, must-see destinations with trips to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. You'll bring home envy-worthy photos, unique souvenirs and once-in-a-lifetime memories. Its travel like it used to be with Silk Road Treasure Tours.

With our guides you'll see that family, community and hospitality are important values in Central Asia and there is little tolerance for crime. Visitors are honored guests and you'll be greeted warmly, treated as a friend, and often become the focus of group photos! This is our homeland, become part of the family.

Things to remember while traveling in Central Asia:

If you are crossing borders you need to have the appropriate, valid visas. That includes multiple entry visas if you are leaving and returning to a country. We have long-standing relationships with the embassies of Central Asia and our clients enjoy VIP visa processing. Our in-country staff is experienced with challenging border crossings.

Cash is king, especially the US dollar in the fast-fluctuating foreign currency markets of Central Asia. There are few ATMs available and aside from large hotels in major cities, credit cards are not always accepted. We at Silk Road Treasure Tours can advise you on currency amounts and values, how to exchange it properly and the best ways to enjoy incredible shopping and dining.

Two copies of your customs and immigration form on entry are necessary, keep one safe for when you leave. Have the totals of all currencies carried in and out (you need to leave with less than you came in with) and daily registration documents for accommodations. Our guides and escorts make sure these are completed properly every day. 

Experience the warmest welcome in the world with Silk Road Treasure Tours…and Safe Travels!      We are delighted to share our traveler's experiences in Central Asia:

I would recommend Ms Zulya Rajabova and Silk Road Treasure Tours dry highly to any prospective travelers. The service we received from them was exceptional - probably the best, most detailed and attentive service I have experienced from any travel organization.

Despite a very short lead time, Zulya Rajabova and Silk Road Treasure Tours ' team scheduled a wonderful 2 week tour for us to Central Asia Stans. She secured the necessary paperwork to expedite our Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan visas, booked boutique hotels which we favor and arranged multiple opportunities for us to meet, dine and converse with local residents. Every portion of our Central Asia journey was meticulously planned and executed.

The private guides selected were English fluent, proud citizens of their respective communities and countries, willing to share and show their customs, traditions, and aspects of Islamic secularism, Silk Road arts, architecture, handicrafts and cultures. All were personable and professional, and maintained high standards for safety while traveling around Central Asia. The drivers who were hired to chauffeur me about various inner city and countryside regions also maintained superior safety standards.

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