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Faridun  is one of our best Tajikistan tour specialists who designs cultural discovery and adventure tour itineraries for Silk Road Treasure Tours guests. He was born in Tajikistan's capital city of Dushanbe and joined his family from young age to explore his beautiful country, hiking and photographing the natural wonders of Fann mountains. After graduating  from University he started escorting the travelers around Tajikistan, photographers. outdoor adventurers shoot iconic photos and stay in an exotic guest houses  and tents in the villages and mountains of Tajikistan. He knows the highest point of Fann mountains or Pamir  and when the photos can be taken and which locations of Tajikistan may have iconic views.  This knowledge gave him an opportunity to design imaginative itineraries throughout Tajikistan that focus on  art, architecture, archaeology, and history, and adventure at the charming mountain villages.