Kaykhusrav Usmonov

kaykhusrav usmanovKaykhusrav Usmonov is one of our best Tajikistan tour managers. He was born in a spectacular mountainous village called Basmanda, Khodjand, Tajikistan. He grew up hiking and photographing this beautiful natural wonders. After graduating  Khujand State University he decided to escort  our travelers around Tajikistan. He has been working with photographers and outdoor adventurers to shoot iconic photos and stay in an exotic hotels in the villages and mountains of Tajikistan. He knows the highest point of Fann mountains and when the photos can be taken and which locations of Tajikistan may have iconic views.  Khaykhusrav enjoys working with travelers who also love mountain trekking, cooking and exploring. He speaks English, Russian and Tajik. Recently the travelers’ luggages were delayed but they had to start the hiking. But all hiking gear and shoes were inside the suitcase. Kayhusrav did not lose any time to find the way for the travelers to enjoy hiking with the hiking boots he has found within half an hour.