Photography Workshop, in collaboration with Arlene Collins

Silk Road Treasure Tours announces its photography workshop, in collaboration with Arlene Collins to spectacular Armenia and Georgia!

Chester, NJ, June 24, 2014 - Silk Road Treasure Tours, specialists in travel to Central Asia, Caucasus is proud to announce its latest tour – a photography workshop "Georgia and Armenia: Vineyards, Villages and Mountains", a collaboration with the renowned photographer Arlene Collins, ( who specializes in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world. You will journey through Georgia's timeless vineyards, old world rural towns, and Armenia's scenic mountain villages while honing your skills as a photographer and immersing yourself completely. Tour date is May 25-June 5, 2015. Price for a group of 10 travelers $8, 950 with a single supplement fee of $795.

Gergeti-Trinity-ChurchGergeti Trinity ChurchThe 12-day tour begins at Tbilisi, Georgia's dynamic capital that is a wonderful contrast of modern architecture and ancient Óld town charm that lends itself perfectly to photography. Learn how to perfect your street and landscape with Arlene as she guides you through its dilapidated homes and ancient bathhouses.

The tour continues onto the Kakhetic wine region, home to the one of the oldest wine cultures in the world where you will photograph ancient caves and understand how to capture light in interiors. It's not all work and study; you'll also be sampling wonderful wine at the Chateau Mere. From Tbilisi you will travel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Mtskheta group of churches and also learn cave photography at Uplistsikhe, the cave town that covers almost 40,000 square meters, encompassing the lower, central and upper area.

Sukshishvili-Dance-Ansamble---ManSukshishvili Dance AnsambleNext you travel north to the scenic and very remote Svaneti region, the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus, a region awash with snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine meadows and rich forests where you understand the semantics of landscape photography. The region is also home to the proud mountain people who maintain their traditional lifestyle and clothing with their white and black wool hats. Arlene has photographed people in over 60 countries and she will help you understand how to capture compelling images of people without being intrusive. In the process, you will gain the confidence of your subjects. Berenice Abbott once said, Photography helps people to see.' The workshop is an immersion experience and you will find yourself learning how to compose better and take pictures that tell a story rather than fragmented images. From Mestia, we head to Ushguli, filled with waterfalls and make are way back to Tbilisi.

The next stage of your journey takes you to Armenia. After stopping at the archaeological site of Dmanisi, to photograph the 1.8 million year old superb skulls of Zezva and Mzia, you will head to the Aragatsotn Province where all your skills will be tested as you aim your lens at dramatic vistas. The medieval fortress of Amberd built on the slope of Mount Aragats is the "fortress in the clouds" and is a landscape photographers dream. And finally you end your journey in the modern capital of Yerevan where you can watch people and hone your skills of being able to take pictures under diverse conditions, light and dark, modern and rustic.

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Silk Road Treasure Tours specializes in custom private and group tours to the Central Asia "Stan" countries and the fascinating destinations of the Silk Road which have inspired visitor's imaginations for centuries. The Founder and President of Silk Road Treasure Tours Zulya Rajabova is a native of Uzbekistan. Conde Nast Traveller Magazine gave Zulya "Top Travel Specialist Award"for Central Asia in 2013 for the second year in a row. She personally provides expert advice to craft her acclaimed authentic and unforgettable journeys to places like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
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Silk Road Treasure Tours Honors “Dance Along The Silk Road”

 A Tour Highlighting All The Legendary Cities Of Uzbekistan. Dates: August 23- September 2, 2014.

SilkRoadDanceCompanyWe are proudly announce the very first dance tour of Uzbekistan – Dance Along the Silk Road. Led by Dr. Laurel Victoria Gray, an internationally recognized dance scholar, award-winning choreographer, performer and costume designer, this unique travel opportunity focuses on the history, art, and dance traditions of Central Asian. Guests will study dance with native artists "in context" while traveling along the ancient Silk Road to the legendary cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Even non-dancers can enjoy the beauty of special performances and meetings with leading Uzbek artists. Dr. Gray, honored by the Uzbek Ministry of Culture for "her great contributions to the development of Uzbek culture and art," will share her extensive, insider knowledge of Uzbekistan, its people and culture.
This ground-breaking 10-day tour begins in Tashkent, the capital and economic center of Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, guests will explore ancient medrassahs and mosques in the Old City and the thriving Chorsu Bazaar. Introductory dance sessions and visits to key museum collections will help travelers discover Tashkent's cultural treasures.

Top Conde Nest Travel Specialist Award - For the Second Year!

2012-2013-awards For the second year in a row Conde Nast Traveler® magazine awarded Zulya Rajabova, founder and president of Silk Road Treasure Tours, the title of Top Travel Specialist for Central Asia for 2013!

"In the rapidly developing Central Asia travel market, it's a personal honor to be considered one of the best in the business by the world's premier travel publication. I thank everyone who contributed to our success: our service providers, our staff, and most especially, our valued clientele," Zulya says.

Silk Road Treasure Tours specializes in private, tailor-made journeys and group tours in Central Asia to the most sought-after destinations of the legendary Silk Road including: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A native of Uzbekistan, Zulya provides expert, and personally crafted journeys for academics, historians, business travelers, vacationers and special interest groups.

Along with its first-rate team of talented, multi-lingual professionals in Central Asia, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers a wealth of local knowledge and experience, ensuring that every detail is taken care of and all arrangements are seamless.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime and the warm hospitality of an enduring, fascinating region. Come to Central Asia with Silk Road Treasure Tours!

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Conde Nast Traveler Magazine Honors Silk Road Treasure Tours' "The Riches of Central Asia"

We are very excited that our Central Asia Stan Tour " The Riches of Central Asia" was chosen by Conde Nast Traveler to be featured in its January 2014 collection of a "trip of a lifetime".

This inspiring Central Asia trip was designed by Conde Nast Travelers' Specialist Zulya Rajabova! Now the travelers can purchase this exciting tour up to 56 per cent off retail prices. 

For over 3000 years Central Asia has been a cultural and intellectual crossroads, luring travelers, traders, scholars and conquerors. The recently independent nations of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are the ultimate destinations for those seeking the trip of a lifetime.

Closed to the west for decades under Soviet government, the cities are rushing to catch up with the modern world yet most of the land remains as it has for centuries. It's a land of contrast with changing urban skylines and pristine landscapes, Silk Road culture and cuisine, thousands of years of history, some of the last unexplored territories, filled with adventure and opportunity and a tradition of hospitality unmatched anywhere in the world.

We can't wait to share with you "The Riches of Central Asia Silk Road" Download the tour information here

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Recommend Magazine

Recommend-Magazine-may-2013Recommend Magazine: May, 2013. When planning a trip to Uzbekistan last September, our small group of friends felt we couldn't go wrong with a tour company headed by a Uzbek native daughter who, as a guide in her home country, escorted the likes of Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright and Lyudmila Putin. And we were right.