Superior first class accommodations with butler service, fine food and wine with tailored menus, private luxury vehicles, exclusive access to closed venues, and VIP treatment throughout, await you on a Silk Road Treasure Tours’ Luxury and Immersive, Once-in-A-Lifetime Travel Experience at the Crossroads of the Silk Road, where the ancient civilizations of East and West merged.

Chester, NJ, April 27, 2015 … Silk Road Treasure Tours, the premier American tour operator with founding roots in Central Asia, announces its new luxury tour offerings.

Says Zulya Rajabova, Uzbekistan native, and President of Silk Road Treasure Tours, “I designed these travel itineraries to specifically offer the richest cultural experiences combined with the most comfortable accommodations, most modern and convenient luxury transportation, and superior, personal service.”

These new luxury Central Asia tours include: a 14-day Central Asia luxury itinerary, featuring Ashgabad,Turkmenistan; Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, Uzbekistan; Bishkek, Burana Tower, and Issyk Kul Lake,Kyrgyzstan; and Almaty, Kazakhstan (from $470 per day, open departures); a 10-day luxury travel experience in Uzbekistan, featuring Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in-depth (from $530 per day, open departures); and a 10-day luxury culinary immersion in Uzbekistan, visiting the same fascinating Uzbek cities, but highlighting indulgent gastronomical experiences at bazaars, bakeries, gourmet shops, restaurants, farms, wineries, local homes, private estates, and caravan-serais, with hands-on activities and behind-the-scenes access (from $532 per day, open departures). 

In the Caucasus, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers a five-day luxury Georgia tour including: Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Velistsikhe, Kisiskhevi, Tsinandali, Gombori, Kazbegi, and Mtskheta (the black sand desert).  Historians lead travelers to explore and contrast ancient and contemporary churches, synagogues and mosques (some are UNESCO sites), so that they feel the vibrancy of melding cultures.  Guests bathe in ancient hot springs; sip wine made according to centuries’ old methods on an estate set amongst terraced vineyards; eat lunch while gazing out at Mount Kazbegi, the mythical home of Prometheus; and learn the time-honored art of Georgian enamel making at a historic cloisonné studio (from $498 per day, open departures).

In Central Asia, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers luxury in culture, adventure, and cuisine.  Whether in the vibrant capital city of Ashgabad, behind sun-warmed adobe walls, in a village nestled in a lush valley, or in a nomadic Kyrgyz  yurt under a sky of blazing stars or next to a giant, glowing desert crater, guests are presented with both the highest comfort and most authentic experience. They explore palaces, madrassah, fortresses, and caravanserais from by-gone eras.  They witness classic Soviet architecture amidst soaring minarets, brilliant blue cupolas, lace-like ornamentation and the azure and olive glazed ceramics of medieval mausoleums and mosques.They excite themselves in Central Asia’s bustling bazaars - still as busy now as they were hundreds of years ago, where anything is available and everything is on display. They ride horse-back around an endorheic alpine lake or lumber on a Bactrian camel over rolling dunes. They are tempted by the aroma of fresh bread from clay tandoor ovens, and the robust smell of Silk Road spices redolent from faraway lands.

On all these tours, special amenities and luxury arrangements include: first-class train cars on the high speed railway, luxury automobiles, fine food and wine with tailored menus, and exclusive access to closed venues, and VIP treatment. Furthermore travelers stay in Silk Road Treasure Tours’ exclusive collection of international luxury branded hotels and local boutique hotels. International hotels include: Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Inter-Continental, and Serena properties. Boutique hotels include: Minzifa, Sasha and Son, and Komil hotels in Bukhara; Shakhrezade Hotel in Khiva; and the Diyora and the Grand Samarkand Superior in Samarkand. In addition, Silk Road Treasure Tours is now also using two new boutique Bibi-khanym properties in Samarkand and Bukhara respectively. The Bukhara property, just opened in November 2014, is adjacent to the 17th Century historic Labi Khouse Chaikhana complex.

All these luxury trips are priced land only, based on double occupancy for 4 to 10 travelers, and all itineraries can be customized.

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New In-depth Educational, Cultural & Experiential Tours

central-asia-educational-tourOur new Central Asia Educational Tours stand alone for several reasons.

  • They focus on learning about the destination from knowledgeable experts.
  • They offer extensive one-to-one interaction between visitors and locals.
  • They include a pre-trip orientation and recommended reading list.

Most importantly, they are personally crafted by Silk Roads Treasure Tours' founder, Zulya Rajabova. Zulya is a native of Uzbekistan, former university professor in Bukhara, and former tour guide for the Tourism Ministry of Uzbekistan.

Says Zulya, "From a young age, I had an opportunity to meet travelers from around the globe, who came to the UNESCO World Heritage city where I lived. I wanted to meet them and draw them into my home and show them more. Now I do this for each and every one of my travelers."

These Educational biased trips allow travelers to feel the influence of world cultures and religions along the Silk Road. Experiences include: a foray into the lives of students at the 16th Century religious Medressah (Muslim religious school) of Kukaldash in Tashkent; a tour of the Russian Cathedral of Holy Ascension, the largest wooden church in the world located in Samarkand; a jaunt through the Jewish Quarter and synagogue of Bukhara, one of the largest Jewish communities in Central Asia; and a visit to Magoki Attari, in the historic section of Bukhara, the original site of a Zoroastrian temple.

Travelers see the best of the more than one thousand architectural monuments in the museum-like cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Tashkent, but beyond that, they experience the cities from the inside – with meals in peoples' homes, and tea in their craft workshops, as these artisans produce silk fabrics, for example, using the same ikat dye patterning style as they have for over one thousand years.

Read more about these tours by visiting the new Silk Road Treasure Tours educational website Visit our EDU Website

Sharq Taronalari, Uzbekistan's International Ethnic Music Festival

uzbekistan-music-festival-with-silk-road-toursOne of the most significant cultural events held in Central Asia, is the Sharq Taronalari or Eastern Melodies Festival. Held every two years at the end of August, it is staged in the open-air heart of the ancient city of Samarkand in magnificent Registan Square. This year, in 2015 Sharq Taronalri will be held on August 25 and will continue till August 30 in Samarkand. Samarkand is best known for its stunning medieval architecture, and the soaring portals of Registan's three major madressas, decorated in glittering turquoise tiles surround the square, creating astonishing acoustics.
This event began in 1997 though the initiative of the President, Islam Karimov, with the intent to promote cultural liaison by bringing together gifted and talented singers, dancers, and musicians from all over the world to share their regional and ethnic musical arts. Supported by UNESCO, Sharq Taronalari is the ideal venue to promote the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The city of Samarkand's important role in history, its key position along the Silk Road and its treasure trove of architecture are showcased alongside the brilliant performances over the five-day festival.
uzbekistan-music-festival-in-samarkandIn addition to the shows, there are various exhibitions of traditional and national musical instruments, clothes, and costumes, scholarly and academic conferences, as well as an art exhibit.
International artists are invited to judge the competitions and at the culmination of the event, there are recognition ceremonies, gala performances, and the square is lit up by a gorgeous firework display. This is truly one of the most incredible cultural events in Central Asia.

Luxury Culinary tour to Uzbekistan

Chustiy-cr-silk-road-treasure-toursChester, NJ, November 24, 2014  – Silk Road Treasure Tours, specialists in travel to Central Asia has just announced the launch of our luxury culinary tours and tastings in Legendary Uzbekistan. What better souvenir to bring home than the recipes and skills to re-create a treasured dining experience from your time in this land of hospitality?

Uzbekistan has stood for centuries at the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, and its cuisine is bountiful reflection of the influence of travelers and traders from all parts of the world. Uzbek hospitality is a living tradition and the bonds created over meals shared with guests become lasting friendships. This luxury culinary and tasting tour will make each meal an adventure, as you learn to source and cook some of the country’s most delightful dishes by both renowned chefs and traditional family cooks. Centuries old recipes include bread fresh from the tandur clay oven, plov; a heady mix of rice, meat, and spices usually cooked by the men, samsa; rich pastry pockets filled with herbs, lamb and even pumpkin, and savory Shashlik kebabs. Fresh fruit and vegetables abound, and for your sweet tooth, there is holvaytar; a creamy, nutty version of halvah.

Tashkent is the cultural and economic center of Uzbekistan where we'll begin our explorations. In the Old City the Hast Imam Complex, the spice markets of the 3.000 year old Chorsu Bazaar, and Independence Square are fascinating introductions to the history and culture. The highlight is our first master class at one of Tashkent’s best known traditional restaurants where expert chefs show you how to source ingredients from the market and prepare classic Uzbek dishes.

Next stop: the legendary Samarkand, home of the to-die-for halva. When there is an engagement, parents of the groom bring halva to the bride’s family to ensure that their children’s married lives will be sweet! Majestic Registan Square is the heart and soul of Samarkand, and the surrounding buildings with their glittering mosaic tiles and minarets soar into the sky. The colorful Siab Bazaar provides spices from all points of the Silk Road, and a visit to one of the oldest wineries in the country and an evening cultural performance completes the picture

bukhara karavan restaurantFrom the bustling riches of Samarkand, the trip takes you to the quiet of the Malikchul desert for a stop by the Zerafshan River on the way to Bukhara. Enjoy lunch at the home and atelier of one of the nation’s most important ceramists. The oasis city of Bukhara is a medieval wonder with much of the original city intact and families who have lived here for generations. The Labi Khaus Complex was built around a shaded pool. It’s the place to experience tea in Uzbekistan, reclining on a comfortable couch in an old Chaykhana tea house, admiring the pond and listening to traditional stories about the humorist Khodga Nasridden. His statue is nearby, he is the fellow riding backwards on the donkey! The Uzbek tea ceremony is a formal and graceful ritual, poured three times from the pot into a ceramic cup allowing the full flavor and aroma of the tea to develop. While green tea is the standard, there is a wide variety of black and herbal varieties. Try the chai kymoki ; green tea with milk and butter sprinkled with almonds.

ShishkababAs everywhere, the family comes together at the dining table. Get to the heart of the Uzbek culture by breaking bread with a local family after exploring the ancient Fortress of Bukhara. A traditional tandur oven creates soft, fluffy, heavenly flat bread and the local Green Market supplies fresh, local ingredients.

The journey to the walled city of Khiva will take you through the Kizylkum (red sands) desert, stopping at a yurt encampment, picnicking at a local tea house, and stopping for photos at the Amu Darya, the largest river in Central Asia. This city is living history and there are unique fortifications, as well as the remains of harems and caravansaries to explore. In Khiva the sun glows pink on the ancient adobe walls, and the celebrity chefs here will help us create the menu for dinner by moonlight.

Back in Tashkent the journey comes full circle at a fabulous meal with Chef Bahriddin Chiusty. Tuck your recipes in with the gifts for your loved ones, memories to share from your trip of a lifetime!

The 10-day tour costs 5,320 dollars for 4-10 people and includesVisa support, local air tickets, ground transport, a guide, hotel accommodation on a twin sharing basis and all meals excluding lunch as well as entrance fees to museums and monuments. Click for More Information

Photography Workshop, in collaboration with Arlene Collins

Silk Road Treasure Tours announces its photography workshop, in collaboration with Arlene Collins to spectacular Armenia and Georgia!

Chester, NJ, June 24, 2014 - Silk Road Treasure Tours, specialists in travel to Central Asia, Caucasus is proud to announce its latest tour – a photography workshop "Georgia and Armenia: Vineyards, Villages and Mountains", a collaboration with the renowned photographer Arlene Collins, ( who specializes in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world. You will journey through Georgia's timeless vineyards, old world rural towns, and Armenia's scenic mountain villages while honing your skills as a photographer and immersing yourself completely. Tour date is May 25-June 5, 2015. Price for a group of 10 travelers $8, 950 with a single supplement fee of $795.

Gergeti-Trinity-ChurchGergeti Trinity ChurchThe 12-day tour begins at Tbilisi, Georgia's dynamic capital that is a wonderful contrast of modern architecture and ancient Óld town charm that lends itself perfectly to photography. Learn how to perfect your street and landscape with Arlene as she guides you through its dilapidated homes and ancient bathhouses.

The tour continues onto the Kakhetic wine region, home to the one of the oldest wine cultures in the world where you will photograph ancient caves and understand how to capture light in interiors. It's not all work and study; you'll also be sampling wonderful wine at the Chateau Mere. From Tbilisi you will travel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Mtskheta group of churches and also learn cave photography at Uplistsikhe, the cave town that covers almost 40,000 square meters, encompassing the lower, central and upper area.

Sukshishvili-Dance-Ansamble---ManSukshishvili Dance AnsambleNext you travel north to the scenic and very remote Svaneti region, the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus, a region awash with snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine meadows and rich forests where you understand the semantics of landscape photography. The region is also home to the proud mountain people who maintain their traditional lifestyle and clothing with their white and black wool hats. Arlene has photographed people in over 60 countries and she will help you understand how to capture compelling images of people without being intrusive. In the process, you will gain the confidence of your subjects. Berenice Abbott once said, Photography helps people to see.' The workshop is an immersion experience and you will find yourself learning how to compose better and take pictures that tell a story rather than fragmented images. From Mestia, we head to Ushguli, filled with waterfalls and make are way back to Tbilisi.

The next stage of your journey takes you to Armenia. After stopping at the archaeological site of Dmanisi, to photograph the 1.8 million year old superb skulls of Zezva and Mzia, you will head to the Aragatsotn Province where all your skills will be tested as you aim your lens at dramatic vistas. The medieval fortress of Amberd built on the slope of Mount Aragats is the "fortress in the clouds" and is a landscape photographers dream. And finally you end your journey in the modern capital of Yerevan where you can watch people and hone your skills of being able to take pictures under diverse conditions, light and dark, modern and rustic.

You can download details of this tour using this link

Silk Road Treasure Tours specializes in custom private and group tours to the Central Asia "Stan" countries and the fascinating destinations of the Silk Road which have inspired visitor's imaginations for centuries. The Founder and President of Silk Road Treasure Tours Zulya Rajabova is a native of Uzbekistan. Conde Nast Traveller Magazine gave Zulya "Top Travel Specialist Award"for Central Asia in 2013 for the second year in a row. She personally provides expert advice to craft her acclaimed authentic and unforgettable journeys to places like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
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