New In-depth Educational, Cultural & Experiential Tours

central-asia-educational-tourOur new Central Asia Educational Tours stand alone for several reasons.

  • They focus on learning about the destination from knowledgeable experts.
  • They offer extensive one-to-one interaction between visitors and locals.
  • They include a pre-trip orientation and recommended reading list.

Most importantly, they are personally crafted by Silk Roads Treasure Tours' founder, Zulya Rajabova. Zulya is a native of Uzbekistan, former university professor in Bukhara, and former tour guide for the Tourism Ministry of Uzbekistan.

Says Zulya, "From a young age, I had an opportunity to meet travelers from around the globe, who came to the UNESCO World Heritage city where I lived. I wanted to meet them and draw them into my home and show them more. Now I do this for each and every one of my travelers."

These Educational biased trips allow travelers to feel the influence of world cultures and religions along the Silk Road. Experiences include: a foray into the lives of students at the 16th Century religious Medressah (Muslim religious school) of Kukaldash in Tashkent; a tour of the Russian Cathedral of Holy Ascension, the largest wooden church in the world located in Samarkand; a jaunt through the Jewish Quarter and synagogue of Bukhara, one of the largest Jewish communities in Central Asia; and a visit to Magoki Attari, in the historic section of Bukhara, the original site of a Zoroastrian temple.

Travelers see the best of the more than one thousand architectural monuments in the museum-like cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Tashkent, but beyond that, they experience the cities from the inside – with meals in peoples' homes, and tea in their craft workshops, as these artisans produce silk fabrics, for example, using the same ikat dye patterning style as they have for over one thousand years.

Read more about these tours by visiting the new Silk Road Treasure Tours educational website Visit our EDU Website